Wholesale Car Deal

What is a car broker and how does this Wholesale Car Deal work?

A car Broker is a broker that assists you with buying a car.


Is it worth using a car broker?

If you haven’t used a car broker before, you’ll find out it is definitely worth it.

Many people, of course, know how to buy a new car or how to buy a used car, but the whole point of a car buying service is to ensure you don’t have to go through the hassle and exercise of buying the car – going from dealership to dealership, haggling with salesmen and checking new car prices.

The key is that the broker knows how to buy a new car at discount prices usually reserved for those who buy vehicles in bulk. Your car broker will find a car cheaply and quickly and provide you with free car quotes.

Many customers find this assistance in buying cars to be a godsend.

Of course there is also the small matter of the fee for the broker – the charge is a flat fee for service of usually $500


How do we get started?

The only 2 things your car broker will need are the exact model car the you would like to purchase and which colour you would like it in. The broker then goes through his contacts and finds the best deal possible.


What happens when we have found the car?

It is now time to get your finance organised and approved.  This can take between a couple of hours to a couple of days depending on your circumstances and at which bank we can get the best deal at the time.

We will need to get some info from you in regards to your financial position & income. The best way to start is to complete and send us back the Financial Questionnaire.

Once we have obtained this we will get your approval ASAP

Those who want to buy a new car should definitely take advantage of our Wholesale car deals and vehicle buying & financing service.


When do I get my car?

The best thing of all is that once your car has been found and financed we will get it delivered it to your door at the time that suits you best… How is that for not having to lift a finger!


Sit Back – Relax – Get a Bargain –  Lve this Deal !

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