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Equipment Finance

Why I Love Loans ?

Why should you choose I Love Loans for your equipment leasing and finance needs? Simply because WE LOVE LOANS. Loans and finance is what we specialise in and we work with financial leasing needs day in and day out. So, if you’re wondering who to turn to, then look no further.

There are plenty of finance companies out there, but who can you really rely on to provide great service and the right loan to suit your equipment finance needs? We here at I Love Loans would love nothing more than to help you with your lease or finance needs, so give us a call today to see what we can do for you.

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We Work for you

Sick of dealing with banks and lenders? Here’s where we can help.
We can help you to finance your asset finance or equipment loans and because we aren’t a bank, we only want to work to help you find a loan that is best suited to YOU and YOUR needs. Because we don’t work for the banks, our only interest is in you.

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Wide Range of Lenders

We work with over 30 different lenders in order to find you the best deal. Because we work with so many lenders, this gives you the best opportunity to get approved for your lease or finance needs. Your finance lease and equipment finance will be in safe hands with I Love Loans.

Leasing vs Financing

Often, it can be difficult to understand which is the better option: Leasing or financing. Whilst both options have various benefits, it really depends on your needs, the equipment you are looking to obtain and your financial circumstances. Everyone is different and everyone will have different outcomes. The best way to know how leasing vs financing will work best for you, give us a call today on 1300 855 244 to find out more.

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Why are we so good?

Fast Approval

Getting started is just a phone call away. Alternatively, you can provide your details and we can contact you as soon as possible or at a time that suits you. We can get started on assessing your needs for your financial leasing needs and find a great deal for you.

Competitive Rates

Because we have a range of lenders we work with, we can find competitive rates a lot easier. We can assess your needs, which asset finance or lease financing you require and then find the best rate.

Talk to a Real person

We know how complicated applying for loans can be and just how much needs to be considered when applying for equipment loans. We’re just a phone call away for friendly service and information. There are plenty of finance companies out there, but if you’re looking for a professional service, we can help from the start of your application, right through the whole process.

We help with all of your lease or finance needs.

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